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Helping Authors - Write, Publish, Distribute and Sell their book

  • Courses and coaching to help you write your book
  • Editing, proofreading and help for submitting your manuscript
  • Publishing in paperback, hardback, e-book and/or audiobook
  • Distribution to book shops and retailers - Australia wide
  • Press and publicity to help promote and sell your book

  • Submission guidelines

    What do Lime Books Publish?

    Lime Books publish fiction and non-fiction: business, cookery and specialists subjects. We distribute either locally or via national book distributors to book shops and retailers across Austrlia. Low print run books are not financially viable and so we only publish these at the author's expense. We fund National Release books, if marketing commesurate with our investment can be demonstrated.

    Preparing Your Manuscript

    Lime Books can help writers prepare their manuscript for submission to other publishers. Most publishers will not consider a manuscript until it is finished. All submissions to Lime Books must be finished, fully edited and proofread. For details on preparing your manuscript for publishers: DOWNLOAD OUR FACTSHEET


    Lime Books only prints as many books as they feel can be sold. Selling books requires marketing. It is important to consider this as early in the writing process as possible; ideally before you write your book. More details on marketing your book can learnt on our 'Writing A Book Course'. For more details on marketing your book: DOWNLOAD OUR FACTSHEET
    What happens after I have sent my manuscript? Lime Books will offer all submissions a reply within two weeks. More time may be taken if we decided that your manuscript has passed our initial assessment. In Australia seven thousand books are published each week. So there is room for optimism in publishing.

    For assessment of your manuscript or book idea first see our Submission Guidelines Factsheet: DOWNLOAD

    "We wish every writer success." [The Publisher].

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