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Meet the Team

Our core team bring a wealth of experience and dedication to Lime Books. We have skill sets ranging from writing, publishing, design, marketing, management and dealing with people. Below are the four corners of our team, but many more contribute. We are all passionate about writing and particularly books!

Robert Salisbury
Bob Selden
Commissioning Editor
Emily J. Burnham
Publishing Assistant
Steve Molloy
Media Strategist

Working with Lime Books

Half of our core team volunteered to join Lime Books. We are always open to input from professional or enthusiastically dedicated lovers of publishing and books. If you wish to contribute, by being involved with: proofreading, editing, manuscript reading, liaising with writers, the media or book industry, introduce yourself to our Publisher - 2limebooks@gmail.com

LIME - Write - Publish - Sell


Lime Books
0404 11 77 73
Six Alma Street, Sydney NSW 2093


Robert Salisbury - Publisher
Bob Selden - Commissioning Editor
Steve Molloy - Media Strategist
Emily J. Burnham - Publisher's Assistant