LIME BOOKS FOUR Ps of Publishing

We publish in E-Book, Paperback, Hardback and Audiobook formats.

  • Concept - the core of your book reflected in its Working Title
  • Genre - crime, romance, self-help? See bookshop
  • Theme - what subject does it cover
  • Voice - developing a style of writing suitable for your title
  • Editing - making your characters and story resonate
  • Publishing
  • Layout - font style, size, layout, look, readability, pagination
  • Cover - design & artwork
  • Photos - Images + Editing
  • Identification - ISBN / barcode
  • Publisher - published by a registered 'Publisher'
  • Proofs - black & white layout proof, colour cover proof
  • Produce
  • Printing costs paid in advance.
  • Proof book printed and bound for approval prior to printing.
  • Any changes to the signed off proof, will be charged at cost.
  • Delivery of the final books to a nominated address, at cost.
  • Cataloguing-in-Publication (CiP) and National Library.
  • Promotion
  • domain name - as per book title.
  • webpage - one page, for distributors and public.
  • PR - synopsis
  • letter - for marketing
  • database - distributors / bookshops.
  • book launch - at shop or event
  • events - author talks
  • video - book trailers
  • Publishing Options

    What do Lime Books Publish?

    Lime Books publish both fiction and non-fiction: including thrillers, biography, business, cookery and specialists subjects. They have commercial arrangements with book distributors who supply book shops and retailers across Australia. They publish both specialist low print run books and those backed with marketing commesurate for a national release.

    Preparing Your Manuscript

    Lime Books help writers prepare their manuscript for submission. For details see Fact Sheet: DOWNLOAD


    The value of a book is many fold. It can be a great tool for demonstrating depth of knowledge or understanding in a given area, hence why many specialists detail their expertise in a book. Such books need not necessarily be sold, as their function is one of selling the author's credibility. Books can be a powerful way to market a service or individual in the market place.

    It has been said that the hardest place to sell a book is in a bookshop. When selling books in a bookshop, marketing of the author, the book or the subject needs to be considered. A book supported by a well thought out and funded marketing plan will always out sell that of a simliar book without marketing. Lime Books can also help with marketing your book. For more details on marketing your book read our Fact Sheet: DOWNLOAD

    What happens after I have submitted my manuscript?

    Lime Books respond to all submissions within two weeks. More time may be required if it is deemed that a manuscript has passed its initial assessment. Seven thousand books are published each week in Australia. So if you wish to publish your book there is room for optimism.

    Design, Layout, ISBN, Barcode
    Colour Cover internal formatting
    Book / Author Media Kit
    Online sales
    Promotion required
    Legacy Book
    Design & Layout
    Editing / Proof Reading
    Hardback or paperback options
    No PR or Marketing required.
    Ideal for family biographies
    Sydney Release
    Design, Layout, ISBN, Barcode
    Colour Cover + internal formatting
    Book / Author Media Kit
    Booksales online / local retail
    100 books min
    National Release
    Design, Layout, ISBN, Barcode
    Editing / Proof Reading
    Book launch / Radio / TV
    National PR for Author and Book
    1,000 books min

    Submission Guidelines

    For assessment of your manuscript download our free Submission Guidelines Fact Sheet: DOWNLOAD

    "We wish every writer success." [The Publisher].

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